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As a buyer, you have the right to representation and someone with a precise focus on your interests. The job of an Our Shore Real Estate agent is to help you find the right home that meets your needs and to make the home buying process efficient, stress-free, and successful.


It does not have to cost you anything to be represented. The seller typically pays any commissions. You will have an experienced negotiator on your side. In competitive situations, working with a successful agent who may have worked with the Listing Agent or the Seller in past transactions can be the determining factor for whether you secure the property of your dreams or if it slips away.
Experienced agents often know of properties coming to the market before they are actually visible on the MLS or Zillow, etc.. As your Buyer’s Agent, we work to assist you in purchasing a home, not selling you a home. We will work eagerly to get the best price and terms possible on your investment.
The Our Shore Real Estate team is well established in our community and will be your local guide. We take care of our Buyers day-to-day throughout the Contract-to-Close process. Every step of the way, our award-winning realtors will be by your side.

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