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I became a Real Estate agent out of my passion for housing. As a kid I used to always love going into houses and touring them. I would go with my parents into new homes as they were being built noticing all the different features and styles. I’ve always been customer first and loved helping people. Combining my love of real estate with my customer first attitude was like a match made in heaven. Now over 17 years later with the same mentality I add a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am always training in the latest real estate marketing strategies and talking with other agents throughout the country on ideas to improve my marketing. I started with just myself and now have grown my own brokerage with a team of assistants, agents, and marketing people to better service my clients.

Name: Joseph Haberl
Phone: 833.447.4673
Email: jhaberl(at)josephhaberl(dotted)com

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